Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome to the Light

Somehow through the massive jungle of the World Wide Web, you have managed to find yourself here, at the beginning of what I hope will be both an entertaining & informative little place to allow my brain to freestyle on any number of topics & for you to watch & perhaps play along. Additionally, in my own personal bid to stimulate our desperately sick economy, each blog will include a recommendation complete with links for products you might think about giving a try - items that will contain some relevance to the subject of the daily blog. Occasionally, like today, that product might be something that I'm selling on eBay or But more often it will be to a random stranger's or company's online store, or to that of a worthwhile charity. Stimulating, you see, to heart, mind, humor & ballooning fiscal crisis.

In designing this homepage, I was dismayed to find that neither of my two all-time favorite authors, John Irving nor David McCullough, have their own websites. I realize they're both getting on in years & perhaps have yet to recognize the power of this new-fangled interwebby thing, or maybe it's just that the shine from all their Oscar, Pulitzer, etc. awards has irradiated their frontal marketing lobes.... or they think they're sitting so pretty right now they couldn't give a flying monkey if anyone finds them online. If so, let's hope they've invested wisely, say in Schwinn rather than GM.

I hope you'll visit my charities listed to the right. I'll write about each of them sometime in the future & the list will probably change a bit along the way. But all are worthy of your consideration. I know we're each anxiously tightening our wallets these days, but I believe finding ways to help others less fortunate should always be a part of our monthly budget, no matter how small the contribution has to be.

For now I'll leave you with a link to my shop where I'll be selling off extra media that I've accumulated over the years. An eBay store will follow when I get the inventory together. Online garage sale, here I come!

p.s. Please vote to the right in my Top 4 Battle of the Bands!